Combining our local expertise with a global vision, RTM Asia helps tech start ups navigate through the technology ecosystem of Asia Pacific, accelerate business growth and create sizable, sustainable and growing revenue streams.


Kenneth Fan
President, Greater China

Takahiko Higashi
President, Japan
Joon Mo Park
President, Korea


Having built many successful businesses in Asia Pacific for more than 20 years, we want our clients to leverage the local knowledge we possess, business infrastructure we have built and relationships we have established to grow rapidly. The core of our philosophy is to provide you with a turnkey revenue and business division in Asia without having to take your eyes off of your current priorities at hand. We also know you are careful when it comes to choosing the right areas to invest your time, resources and money, that’s why we’ve structured our business on a win-win model. This performance-oriented compensation model encourages our teams to bring rapid revenue growth while minimizing your up front investment and risks. We want to put ourselves on the same boat as you, so that we both reap the rewards of success.


RTM Asia was founded by James LaLonde and Henry Fong. Both were early Microsoft employees in the Japan, Greater China and Australia offices and have a passion about helping Western start-ups succeed in Asia Pacific. Our team of 90 professionals include country managers and heads of sales for tech companies from around the world. From market-entry strategy to execution, pre-sales support to recruiting partners, translation of your marketing collateral to the localization of your product, we have experts on the ground to advance your business for you. Most importantly, we have a proven track record with satisfied clients to speak to the unparalleled success we’ve been able to bring to executives and companies like yours.


After 20 years of experience building out successful Asia Pacific businesses of companies such as Microsoft, Brocade Communications Systems, McAfee, EDS, HP, Cisco, Peoplesoft, Oracle, NetOne and CDC Software, RTM Asia has accelerated market entry and revenue ramp up for more than 60 western tech companies over the last 7 years. In addition to quickly building successful businesses for our clients we have also helped them raise strategic capital for market expansion from local partners and venture capital firms to the tune of more than $80 million since 2006.


We have networks and relationships in the IT ecosystems of Greater China, Japan and Korea. Signing a partner in these countries is only the beginning, but having a wide and deep network of partners and experts on the ground to manage relationships and drive sales is the only solution to building a sustainable and growing business. RTM Asia has the local knowledge and relationships with all the reputable players that truly matter when it comes to locking down the market segments you should own, targeting the right sales channel for quick and meaningful wins, and formulating and executing on an acceleration strategy for the foreseeable future. We also have affiliate partners in Australia/New Zealand (ANZ), South East Asia (SEA), India, Europe and the Middle East to help you expand in those regions as well.

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