Chumby collaborates with Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) to create ebook prototype

” src=”” alt=”" width=”130″ height=”40″ />Chumby is quietly enabling gadgets and TVs with Chumby software and services.

Sony’s Dash, the new Web-ready alarm clock? Yep, it runs on Chumby’s Internet apps and other streaming media.

Best Buy’s Infocast, an intelligent digital photo frame? That is Chumby again.

In Japan, Dai Nippon Printing the No. 1 printing company, with its new prototype DNP e-reader/tablet? That’s Chumby inside, of course.

In the next five months, Chumby will launch tablets, TVs and home energy monitors powered by its unique, open-source software. Manufacturers that partner with Chumby gain access to its library of 1500 applications. Similar to a TV or radio channel, the content–pictures, headlines, online deals–appears as a stream of continuously updating information… Read More on On CE