Joyent launches Japanese website and announces partnership with GuardTime

GuardTime and Joyent Introduce Enhanced Trust and Integrity in the Cloud

Leading Cloud Provider Builds Keyless Signature Technology Into Cloud Infrastructure

Singapore and San Francisco, CA—November 15, 2010— Joyent, a leading global provider of cloud computing solutions, and GuardTime, creator of the patented Keyless Signature™ technology used to validate the world’s data, today announced a partnership that delivers unprecedented security enabling enterprises to safeguard some of their most valuable assets in the cloud: code, logs and data…

GuardTime’s Keyless Signatures provide proof of signing authority, time of the signature, and integrity of all data located in the cloud. The signature never expires and its verification is based solely on mathematics, eliminating the need for secrets, keys, or human intervention.

As part of this partnership, Joyent customers will be able to purchase GuardTime SmartMachines, allowing organizations to:

  • Secure an application by signing its gold master code, preventing compromised applications from executing
  • Safeguard the SmartMachine’s logs (e.g. administrative, policy, configuration, or events), making accidental changes or malicious tampering impossible to conceal
  • Protect data backups, turning private and public cloud storage into safe, tamper-evident archives

“This partnership delivers unparalleled security and authenticity in a massively-scaled cloud environment,” said Jason Hoffman, Founder and Chief Scientist of Joyent. “Organizations can now access a mathematically driven solution that cannot be compromised by human error or breached by cyber miscreants… Read More on Joyent