TechSmith announces new version of Snagit

TechSmith announces new version of Snagit, a tool supporting creation of professional-quality documentation and quick communication

New granular editing features; support for creating attractive Documentatio

TechSmith Japan KK (“TechSmith”; headquarters: Minato, Tokyo; country
manager: Daichi Aoki) today announced a new version of the Snagit screen capture and editing software program, Snagit 10. Snagit 10 offers smart, speedy ways to create professional-quality documentation with newly designed capture methods and new granular editing features for document creation. Performance is also approximately 30% better the previous version, enabling quicker capture and editing.

A 30-day trial version of the software can be downloaded from the website below. URL:

With the spread of the Internet, the amount of information sent and received
continues to grow, but the basic amount of time required to get work done has hardly changed since the Internet’s rise – particularly with business. Increasing globalization has also created more opportunities for communication in non-native languages. Swift and accurate communication have thus become essential when the fast exchange of information is required. Snagit 10 allows users to easily capture images and integrate them into their documents. This helps people communicate their intentions visually for better effect and retention. Appearance is also a critical element when creating external documents such as product brochures and manuals, but the original purpose of the documentation is thwarted when too much time is spent pasting images and changing the formatting. Using Snagit 10 can reduce the time required for most formatting tasks.

In addition to effects like arrows, callouts, shapes, and torn effects around image
edges, Snagit 10 provides simpler capture methods, as well as granular document-editing features, including transparency effects, edge editing effects, and text-capture effects. Of course Snagit 10 is great for creating all sorts of documentation, including presentations, training materials, sales brochures, and manuals, but it also makes it possible to communicate hard-to-explain website operating instructions, clearly and visually indicating places where changes have been made without words, simply by grabbing a quick capture and pasting it into an email. The captured images automatically store relevant information like the URL and date of capture, and detailed information such as keywords and flags can be added as tags. This enables images to be organized and searched effectively

New Features in This Release

All in one capture: Until now, separate buttons have been used to select full-screen, range, window, scroll window, and other capture methods, but these are now consolidated into a single button, making it possible to capture by simply selecting a range with the mouse and click a button.

Transparency effect: If you simply paste an image directly into a document, the image will be surrounded by a white margin, which could cover the document design at the location where the image is inserted, or the margin could be a different color than the document background. Snagit 10 includes a feature to make white margins transparent, enabling users to quickly paste in an image without interfering with the document’s design at that location.

Window frame capture: Until now, when an entire window was captured, the corners of the image were square, but it is now possible to adjust the image frame to match the window’s rounded corners. Additionally, when the top frame of the window is semitransparent, the desktop icons and other background images are visible through the window’s top frame, but these colors can now be adjusted nearly automatically.

Improved text-capture accuracy with formatting: It is possible to capture just a window’s text with the same layout. The color, font, size, and other attributes of the captured text can be changed freely. This is useful when exchanging modifications during website development.

Change the background color of the edit window: The background color of the edit window can be changed to black, blue, or silver, in accordance with the captured image.

Output directly to Captured images can be uploaded directly to (English) provided by TechSmith for sharing video and images. By adding an application, users can store up to two gigabytes of images free of charge. The images can be opened any time, by anyone with Internet access.

Snagit 10 will soon be available from the TechSmith website, solution providers, and retailers nationwide. TechSmith will also begin selling packages bundling Snagit with its Camtasia Studio 7 software for creating video presentations. Camtasia Studio 7 record and edit presentation and other action on a PC screen, and users create material for training, sales, class and seminar. Also, beginners can capture, edit, and easily upload video to the video sharing site.

See the URL: for details about Snagit 10

Box version (single-user license): 7,200 yen (without tax)
Academic box version (single-user license): 5,900yen (without tax)
License (single-user license): 5,700 yen (without tax)
Bundle license of Camtasia Studio 7& Snagit 10 (single-user license) 37,200 (without tax)

About TechSmith Japan Co., Ltd.
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