Business Creativity and Local Knowledge

On top of having talented sales and marketing teams, business acceleration in Asia Pacific also requires creativity. RTM Asia can help you create new business models and discover hidden opportunities to drive incremental upside.

If you have local or multinational competitors, our seasoned experts have what it takes to help your products and technology break through the clutter. Even companies with an established presence in a market can find ongoing revenue growth challenging. The RTM Asia team can help you put a new set of experienced eyes on the issue and help your company achieve the revenue growth you desire.

For example, we helped Microsoft Corporation jumpstart sales of a new messaging platform in China by deploying messaging and security specialists to go in and do a variety of targeted pre sales activities to their enterprise customer base. In another special project we successfully helped QLogic Corporation eradicate pirating of their products in China and reclaim a revenue stream that was nearly lost.  In Japan we helped SuccessFactors bring on two net new reseller partners and add approximately $1 million in revenue in less than a year.

For startups like NetSuite (now publicly listed on NYSE: N), MOD Systems, Chumby Industries and others we helped them raise millions of dollars each from strategic partners in Japan.  We also helped startups like Awarepoint, Convenient Power and others get venture capital funding from local (China, Japan and Korea) VCs.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of China or the complexity of the Japanese IT ecosystem, RTM Asia can help you identify strategic wins and solutions that propel your business forward in a meaningful way.

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