Instant Experienced Team and Infrastructure

Avoid having your market entry efforts get “Lost in Translation”. Don’t spend your precious time on multiple business trips, unproductive partner meetings, interviewing potential new hires, weighing the pros and cons of forming subsidiaries or JVs and looking for office space, etc. Let our experts be your team, and we can start generating revenue and results… immediately.

You have one goal: grow your business rapidly in Asia Pacific. RTM Asia can help you focus on this goal by taking care of everything else that’s required to do business in these non-English-speaking countries.

With on the ground sales, PR, marketing and technical resources as well as an executive team with proven business track records across eight largest cities in Asia Pacific, RTM Asia can provide you with an instant local presence in key markets in Asia. We operate as a part of your team, we look, act and feel like you do, and we report directly to you.

If you already have operations on the ground, RTM Asia is often asked to work along side of the existing local teams to accelerate growth by tapping into our unparalleled market coverage and network of partner and strategic relationships. With us on your side, business can move quicker, add new partners, drive revenue and ensure your existing teams are focused on closing the quarter.

Our core focus is to build up a sizable and growing business with you so eventually it makes sense for you to own the operations directly in Asia Pacific. We know our biggest value add is to accelerate growth for you in the first 1-3 years of doing business in Asia, and we always expect to see our client’s Asia Pacific operations becoming large and stable so RTM Asia can transition operations (and sometimes key employees) back to our client’s full control and management.

Don’t risk your time, money and effort when coming to Asia, get a quick start with RTM Asia.

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