Unparalleled Network of Relationships

Effective partnering is crucial for success in Asia. We’ve seen too many companies partner with the first company from Asia that knocks on their door asking to represent them and then later on wonder why things did not work out. Actually in the largest Asian markets initially choosing the wrong partner can negatively affect your chances for business success in the future. It takes local expertise and many years of experience to choose the right partners.

Much more so than in Western markets, the quality of the partner and the type of relationship you structure with partners is paramount to your success in Asia Pacific. Simply put, Western startups typically give away too much to partners (exclusive rights, etc.) for little or nothing in return out of their eagerness to grow in Asia. Different pricing models, distribution layers and the partner’s reputation/position in the market are all very important considerations that are too often overlooked by companies who want to do business in Asia Pacific.

RTM Asia makes sure your partner strategy reinforces your long-term product vision, revenue and growth goals. We also excel in finding unique partnering and revenue opportunities that are not apparent to someone without the requisite experience in the local markets.

Effective recruiting of the right partners can be done quickly and inexpensively with the right advice and strategy. This is where RTM Asia excels. When there is a will−and a good product−there is always a way.

At RTM Asia, all of our senior team members each have 20 or more years of high-tech business partnership development experience in Asia Pacific. We can build a go-to-market network for you in not months and years, but days and weeks. Collectively we have set up over 3,000 reseller and distribution agreements across Greater China, Japan and Korea and over the last decade.

Whether the ideal partner is a Korean consumer electronics company, Japanese VAR, large Chinese telco, Taiwanese ODM, IT distributor in Hong Kong or traditional trading company in Tokyo, RTM Asia brings to you not only our powerful network of relationships across Asia Pacific, we also bring our experience to help you navigate through the partner ecosystem, recruit the right partner(s) that will bring you the top-line revenue you are looking for.

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