Phoenix Technology

50% revenue increase through building an effective team of Asia executives and sales managers.


Steven Yang
VP, World Wide OEM
and APAC
Phoenix Technologies

Our security and data recovery software suites represented a huge growth opportunity for us and getting the right talent to help us grow this new business was critical to our success in Asia. Unlike other recruiting firms, the RTM Asia team understood our business and knew what kind of leaders we were looking for. Working with RTM Asia saved me a lot of time and potential frustration; instead of educating multiple agencies across Asia about our business and negotiating separate terms, my team could deal with a single company for our executive recruitment needs across Asia.



Founded in 1979, Phoenix Technologies has been a leader in the personal computing industry for over 25 years. Phoenix Technologies’ core system software (BIOS) has been instrumental in the growth of the PC industry. Recently, Phoenix Technologies has expanded their focus into the development of a new range of products to create a simplified, trusted computing environment that provides security and data recovery for a variety of computing platforms. For more information about Phoenix Technologies, visit:


A leader in the BIOS business, Phoenix Technologies had an intimate understanding of the OEM business model, selling to PC and server manufacturers to deliver their products to end-users. However, when Phoenix Technologies embarked upon an aggressive plan to launch a new suite of security and data recovery software solutions that would be sold not only via their OEM partners but also through VAR and retail channels, they knew they needed to build a new business unit with experienced leaders that understood the intricacies of the software marketplace and these new distribution channels. This was especially important for their Asian business which accounted for over 50% of world wide revenues.


When RTM Asia was engaged to assist Phoenix Technologies in finding high caliber individuals for their Asia leadership team, an extensive process of interviews with Phoenix Technologies key management was undertaken to understand their business, products and target customer base. Leveraging RTM Asia’s network of industry professionals across Asia, Phoenix Technologies was able to fill key General Management positions in their Korea and Taiwan subsidiaries in matter of weeks. RTM Asia has since continued to work with Phoenix Technologies’ management team to recruit key talent for their growing business in China.


RTM Asia was engaged to recruit key management positions for Phoenix Technologies across multiple countries in Asia including Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The scope of the work performed included:

  • Interviews with key Phoenix Technologies executives to understand their business, industry, culture and growth plans
  • Identification, screening and interviews of all candidates
  • Detailed, market-specific recommendations on remuneration and benefits packages based for management positions based for each different country
  • Candidate reference checks and referee interviews


By leveraging RTM Asia’s services, Phoenix Technologies was able to quickly and effectively hire the right talent to grow their new software business in Asia. Phoenix Technologies was able to hire General Managers for their Korea and Taiwan subsidiaries as well as several key sales managers in China within weeks of awarding the engagement to RTM Asia. Since assembling this executive team, Phoenix Technologies has achieved revenue growth in Asia of over 50% each quarter. With a deep understanding of Phoenix Technologies’ business needs, RTM Asia was able to minimize the time burden on the Phoenix management team, while finding the right talent to help them grow their business.