As the first team in China to build out an Uber-style, on-demand application on top of WeChat, we have been a featured developer recognized by Tencent (parent company of WeChat) since 2015. We were also the first team to bring out a solution that linked WeChat and Facebook Messenger platforms seamlessly. RTM Asia is a leader on the WeChat solution stack and building AI-supported solutions that support the fast-growing services to consumer matching marketplace


Our Mission

Leveraging WeChat, AI and other technologies we are dedicated to building out the next generation mobile applications (not necessarily on iOS and Android) for the matching economy. Our solutions match people who need a service with those who can provide it in real time.

RTM Asia built out a mobile retail training system that puts us and our partners in a clear leadership position in the industry. RTM Asia was incredibly knowledgeable, quick with ideas and delivered everything ahead of schedule.
— Marc, Head of Creative, EC+

What We've Achieved

  • Built the engine that drives yoli which is the fastest-growing WeChat-based on demand language learning platform in China
  • Built out a WeChat offering for that allows Chinese traveling outside of China book and pay for taxi/limo services using WeChat
  • Create powerful back end monitoring and tagging systems to manage these matching systems and provide tremendous functionality that is not native to WeChat
  • Built a mobile training solution based on WeChat and H5 that allows for sophisticated training and tracking of retail employees on the shop floor
  • Created an industry-leading voice to text system that allows language learners monitor the word growth in their spoken vocabulary
  • Do consulting engagements for financial firms, established technology companies and startups to validate market and technical strategies

Partial Client List for WeChat Solutions and Consulting